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Tips and Tricks

Do not get a facial within a week before your wedding. In fact, don't make any major changes in your skin care routine during the few weeks before your wedding.

If you get a pimple, don't touch it. Keep your hands away from it, it will heal more neatly if you leave it alone. Pure Aloe Vera is great for a breakout. If its a monsterous zit see your dermatologist.

Avoid a lot of sun before your wedding. Sunburns, peeling skin, and tan lines look really bad with a wedding dress.

If you decide to go tanning for your wedding, make sure you are :
1. Not over-doing it
2. Not over-drying your skin.
You have to give it a "trial run" a month or two before the wedding. Check your skin for flaking. Stop tanning sessions at the first sign of dryness or flakiness: if your skin is flaky, no amount of makeup can cover that and your face will not photograph well!

Pop an eye drop if your eyes look red or tired, but stick with a brand you've used before to avoid unwelcome surprises (irritation or worse!).

Keep your lips moisturized with lip balm for at least two weeks proir to your wedding to avoid chapped or cracked lips. Afterall everyone will want to kiss the bride!

Before meeting with a makeup artist look through bridal magazines. Tear out pages of makeup that you like and don’t like with a picture of your wedding dress. So that your makeup artist can determine your style. ( Dramatic, Romantic, Elegant )

To have well-defined eyebrows is CRUCIAL to looking good in photos. You have to decide if you are going to have your eyebrows plucked, waxed or threaded. All facial waxing (including brow waxing) should be done at least 7 days prior to the wedding: keep in mind that unexpected skin irritation might occur, and it might not heal in less than 7 days. You may want to opt for plucking or threading your eyebrows instead. Consult a licensed professional about your eyebrows. Remember if your eyebrows look good, your makeup will too!

Drink a lot of water

Eat right and exercise

Good luck and enjoy your wedding!