A crash course in getting Gorgeous! Learn basic makeup techniques and the tricks of the trade. Beauty Bootcamp is a one day course in makeup training, run by Gina of Gina Tucci Makeup®. You will learn how to create different looks to suit your lifesytle. You will be given all the info you need about the different makeup steps, techniques, products and tools. We will also go through your makeup collection and discuss what you need to get rid of or what is recommended to add to your collection. Come join us at Beauty Bootcamp! Finally get that smokey eye that youv'e been wanting.


$50 Per Person


We can accommodate up to 40 people.


Have a private makeup lesson or party in the comfort of your home to learn all you need to know about how to achieve that flawless long-lasting look at all times. This makeup lesson could be for you alone, or for a small group of family and/or friends. If you have at least 5 people (not including yourself) your free!

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